Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MOTIVATE | DIY Rolling Milk Crate Stool

Hey guys!
I am FINALLY getting to share the fun sneak peek from Instagram that I posted like a week ago! Ah!

We are officially in the middle of our move and things are getting kinda crazy up in here! Whew!

I stopped for about an hour yesterday to snap some photos through our peeks of Seattle sunlight to put this post together and show you how I made this fun DIY Milk Crate Rolling Stool.

Honestly, it's so easy and becomes such a functional piece of mobile furniture! Win, win.

So, let's get to it. Shall we? 

Here's what you will need:
  • Quilt Batting
  • Upholstery Foam
  • Wooden Board (cut to size)
  • Staple/Nail Gun
  • Fabric of Choice (for final covering of board)
  • Casters (HOME DEPOT)
  • Wooden Milk Crate (or crate/box/bin of some sort)

I'm missing a few pics here and somehow didn't get one of all of my supplies before I began. Must have had something to do with doing this in the middle of about a billion other things. 

You'll want to begin by lying your board (after cutting to size) down on your work surface and wrapping the upholstery foam around the sides. Next, you'll need to staple the foam around to secure tightly. For this one I worked from corner to corner. 

My foam measured the same as my board so I trimmed some from the second cut that came in the package (2-pack) and used those strips to wrap around the edges to make it all smooth. 

I then stapled those strips to each edge, ensuring a tight fold over as I went along. 

This is what it will look like at this point. Kinda looks a mess and a little ripply but keep following me. 

After that, I took the second piece of foam, trimmed it to size to fit perfectly inside the wrapped foam. This will become the top of the stool cushion. 

Next, you will take the quilt batting and wrapped it completely around and stapled. When doing this, you will want to make sure the batting is thick enough to smoothe out all of the bumps and lumpy edges. For this reason, I doubled my batting.

You will want to lay your fabric of choice out and measure about an 2.5-3" around the edges to secure with the stapler or nail gun. At this point you will trim your fabric to size. And at this point, I needed to take a few deep breaths as it was the first time I had ever cut one of my German Grain Sacks. We will talk more about that in just a minute. 

After cutting I had about 3" on each side which was actually a lot for the size of my board BUT I wanted to salvage as much of the material as possible so that was my reasoning. You, of course, will probably not need to leave that much excess. You will repeat the steps just as with the foam and batting. Staple. Staple. Staple. 

And, you're done! 

I could have totally taken this a step further and added hinges to connect to the top to the bottom but I'm all about easy DIY these days and thought that if I ever wanted to use this crate from something else, I'd like to have that option available. Do whatever is best for you in this case! 

This crate is one of two that I purchased at a vintage sale this winter. It was pretty dirty so before beginning the project I cleaned it up pretty well and applied a satin poly finish just to give it a bit of new life! 

Here's my final product...

Again, I chose not to trim excessively around the edges which made for an interesting tuck, pull and staple on the corners but overall I am satisfied with the results. What do you think? 

This would be great to use just about anywhere in the house where additional seating and storage is needed. 
You can pop the top right off and store magazines, extra drinks for entertaining, books, linens for in the bathroom...kinda endless. 

And let the pics begin...and the eh hmm...pins. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick project and were inspired to make one of your own! 
Have a fabulous day, friends! 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Anthropologie Inspired Girl's Bedroom

Happy Friday Friends! 

As you know, we are in the middle of a big move into another rental. 

This one's a bit different though. 
Our family will be providing respite care to a foster community for the next year or so. 
We are headed into one of the biggest adventures, as a family, we've had in a while and we've got a lot of things to be excited about in this new life of ours! 

I am excited about all the things that will come as a result of giving of ourselves in a new way and how I know it will transform the dynamics and hearts of each of us. 

I am, of course, also excited about transforming our temporary house into a home. 
Actually, excited doesn't even begin to describe the feeling I have. 
Probably more like giddy. Yes, sooo giddy. 

We have some pretty strict rules in this new space about  what we can and can't do to alter it. 
No new paint or trim colors. 
No additional builds to flooring changes. 

So, I am deciding to add as much texture and color as humanly possible. Okay, maybe not as humanly possibly but for me, as you all know, any color is a stretch. 

I've promised our daughter Kendall that we would give her the room she has wanted for over three years now and since we're moving, it's a great time to do that. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the inspiration for our boys' room and I will continue to brainstorm that one but this one came so easy I just had to go with it. 

Since the flooring can't be changed I thought adding lots of texture with pillows and rugs would add a bit of brightness and movement in the space. The walls are a neutral, pale yellow and the the carpeting is a lighter shade of brown. Not a lot to work with there but we are going to make it work! 

 I think I will coin this portion of our new season my "Design Adventure". It's going to take some creativity and RE-envisioning to pull it all together but I'm ready for the challenge. 

And as my signature, I will add some vintage and antique decor pieces here and there and a salvaged wood memo board above the desk with a gold, gilded mirror and some nick nacks...oh, this is going to be fun! 
I love my girl!
Can't wait to take you all along with us on this ride...

I sure hope you all are having an amazing Friday and look forward to sharing our weekend with you next week! 

Love, love, love you! 

P.S. Did you peep that "OMG Shoes" framed print? Who else wants one of those? #handraised


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ENCOURAGE | The Adventure Continues

Those of who have been following along here and on social media know that our family has been in search of a permanent home for months now. You've been with me through the ups and downs of the rental we've now lived in for three years. Well, those of you who are familiar with or live in the area know that the real estate market here in Seattle is a little out of control. 

We weren't too far into our search before we decided that we would need to change our game plan from purchasing a home to renting...again. (insert sigh)

After a couple of weeks of looking for a rental home that met our requirements, we were honestly exhausted and in the process, as we had since the beginning of all of this, continued to trust and pray for direction from God in this decision. And realized we were exhausted because we were...working. So, we stopped. 

Have you ever prayed about something to have it turn out the complete opposite of what you thought it would be? 
Can I just be honest here with you? For us, this would be one of those times. And when those prayers seem to go unanswered or that God has completely deserted you, your mind can begin to wander. When it seems your in a valley, like all hope is lost...like all help is gone...that God must not have heard or answered your prayers...

...and then...

...you realize that's not the case at all. 

When I sat down to write this post I scrolled through photos in my drive and found this photo.

I originally thought I'd use it for my IG account as a prompt for this blog post. Well, upon closer examination I noticed something in this photo that I had never noticed before.

Lily of the Valley. 

Can you see them? 
They are the small white flowers with the long green stems in the pots. 
In scripture, while sometimes debatable as to whether this is a direct reference to Jesus or whether the scripture points us to something totally different, I couldn't shake the thought that this is just a reminder for me of God's promises to our family. 

Now, I'm not saying we are in a pit or a valley even though there are some days that certainly feel like it. I WILL say that we are learning to trust God in a new way as we navigate through this time of transition and what we saw ourselves doing a few years ago is not what we are stepping into right now. 

When I looked up the definition of valley this is what I found:
" n: a low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it."

This just keeps getting better and better...
You will find many times in scripture where Jesus likens Himself to water. 

John 4:14 
"but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

John 7:38
"Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way, just as the Scripture says."

These scriptures were just great reminders for me that even though we have absolutely NO idea what this new adventure will look like for us at the end or what steps we will take next. We do know that He is in the middle of this valley. That He is watering each of our moments. Our decisions. Our interactions...and He is the anchor in it all. My question to myself? Am I willing to allow Him to be that? To be my anchor in it all? Am I willing to trust Him wholeheartedly in this season to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could imagine or dream? Will I allow him to be that lily and look to Him when we don't know what to do or which way to go? I know for SURE those times are surely ahead but He will SURELY be our anchor and our hope. 

Sometimes it certainly feels like He has forgotten our prayers. Our dreams. Our desires. But I know that He hasn't. While it doesn't look the way we thought it would, I know that this new adventure is just what my heart wanted even though it just does not look as I expected. In the end, because He sees it all, I know that we will look back at all of this and be better because of it. 

At the end of this month, we will be taking steps to move into temporary housing to help our local foster community by providing respite care. 

We are excited but...keeping it real...afraid all at the same time. This is an absolute step of faith and while it's not exactly what we had planned, it's what He has planned and we know that SO many wonderful things will come out of this for our family so...we're diving in. 

I surely hope you will continue to follow along, pray for and join us on this amazing new adventure. I am absolutely encouraged and blessed by each of you and can't wait to share more as we forge ahead and embark on this new territory! 

I just have this strange feeling that it's gonna be good. 


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The One that Didn't Get Away | My Sweet Savannah Flea Market

Hey Guys and happy Thursday!
So, I almost forgot to share My Sweet Savannah's Flea Market trip with you from this weekend.

Me and the bestie hopped into the car and headed up to Melaine's on this past Saturday morning for a little bit of shopping.

We got there just a few minutes early so that I could snap a few shots before others arrived.

Once I got home I realized that I didn't even get a photo of Melaine with all of her goods. A bummer but here are some photos for you to enjoy nonetheless!

We will call this alabaster lamp "the one that almost got away". I have looked at these things every time I walk into a local antique shop thinking I don't really have anywhere to put one right now. But, for the price, this one was worth a text to Melaine to ask if it was still around after the sale was over.
And what do you know...it was! SOLD! Can't wait to find the perfect spot for it in our next house.
Of course there were so many fun things to choose from and just look at.
Handpainted salvaged wood, weathered boards. Vintage ephemera and glass and metal vessels of every kind.
For those of you who follow My Sweet Savannah, you are surely aware of her workshop that each and every one of us has coveted at some point in time.
I just love Melaine and her creativity and she allowed it to flow into her work space for the sale.
There were all sorts of fun things to choose from in here...
She even had some fun architectural pieces. My girlfriend Jen from Space Number Sixteen took these home with her.
Isn't it beautiful?
(Only one pictured but came as a pair)
On the way out, we managed to grab some sweets and make a donation to a Relay for Life bake bale that Savannah (her daughter and blog's namesake) and some of her friends were hosting.
We had so much fun but it was kind of like a whirlwind of a shopping trip and since I was so occupied with taking it all in visually, talking to the bestie and socializing altogether, my photos suffered.
I sure hope this was just enough to give you a taste of the morning and that you all are having an amazing week. I sure do love ya!


Monday, May 26, 2014

MOTIVATE | Inspire Me DIY Challenge Reveals and a Shim Coat Rack DIY

Hey Friends!

Happy Memorial Day!

Boy, has it been an absolutely full weekend of family and friends and fun!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

Today, as many of you may know, is our big reveal day for Inspire Me DIY. You can read more about it in my original post here.

I won't be posting the tutorial for this today but you can come back later this week for details if you'd like to make one.

For now, here are some pictures of this fun DIY project.

Please take a moment to hop over to see the other projects from these amazing women who were part of our Inspire Me DIY Challenge team and be sure to come back on Wednesday for the details on how I made this happen!

Happy Memorial Day!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

ENCOURAGE | Are You Distracted?

We had a small scare...um, situation...with my second born son on Monday morning.

Our oldest son's birthday was this past weekend and my hubby takes the boys on a camping trip each year with friends and other dads to celebrate. It's kind of a family tradition and as they have done it since Caleb was four years old. He is now ten. 

Well, the boys came back on Sunday with loads of clothes to wash, smelly boy bodies and loads of stories to tell. 

That night, Logan came in a bit freaked out telling us that there was a bug in his room that he had just flicked off of him. Earlier he'd mentioned that there was a moth in his room so we thought he was talking about the moth and encouraged him that it was okay.  We then instructed him to go back into his room and wait for us to come in and pray with him. 

The next morning as they we were preparing the kids to walk out the door to school, my husband let me know that the "bug" that Logan spoke of the night before was a TICK that he had just killed in the kitchen just moments before. 

Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. 

"A tick?", I thought. "Oh, my. Lime disease. What about lime disease? Is my son destined for a life of chaos and disruption from a body controlled by this disease?" 

Are you with me? We've all done it. We've all allowed thoughts and fears to consume our minds instead of the the truth. 

And in that moment, I was fully consumed by just that. Fear. 

The kids left and I began the battle to capture every vain imagination. Everything that was contrary to what the Word says about my life and my family's...

I called a friend to agree in prayer with me for Logan's body, for my mind and mother's heart. 

I then did just what any mom would do...I called the pediatrician to get some professional advice and I made a vow that I WOULD NOT even think about Googling anything online. And I didn't...

We made an appointment with the ped and saw him later that afternoon. 

Honestly, there wasn't really much that he could offer but he did help put my mind at ease in letting me know that the bite itself wasn't infected and had actually begun to heal. 

As we left the doctor's office I was admittedly not extremely pleased with the doc's comments and how some of my questions were just unanswered. Or, were they?

While my questions about what we could expect and what was going on in my son's body weren't answered and honestly there was no way they could be, they were answered and covered by God and His word. And that is exactly what I was reminded to stand on.

Later that day I was also reminded that we have an enemy. We have an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy every part or our lives. He is, if nothing else, a distraction.

I know to some of you, this really would not have been a big deal. "So what? Take the tick, smoosh it and be done."  Well, the big picture here isn't even about the tick itself and therein lies the irony. This is really more about what the tick represented in this story.

You see, aside from that little distraction of this stupid little bloodsucker, it was one of the best days Logan has had in a long while in relation to controlling his emotions (he is our 'feeler') and just learning how to have a joyful heart and happy attitude no matter what life may bring.

This past week or so has also been a great time of transition for our family. A time of evaluation, dream realization and really seeking God about the future of our family and what He sees. In summary, things have just been flat out Good. Amazing. Fabulous.

Isn't it just like the enemy to creep in subtly just when we least expect it and try to distract us and keep our eyes, hearts, minds off of the goodness of God?

It seems sometimes we are so easily distracted by the little things that they become magnified and bigger than the biggest "thing"...God and His goodness, faithfulness, mercy in and on our lives. (Ref.  2Cor 2:11)

On this day I was reminded once again to praise God for His protection over our family and His victory over the enemy of our lives.

So, whatever it is that is distracting you...dirty diapers, kids crying, fussing, fighting. A distressed marriage or relationship that needs mending...God is bigger. So much bigger. While it seems like the waves are crashing in, there is One who controls the waves and waters of your life and He seeks to calm those and silence any distractions.

Today, I'm believing for peace in each of your hearts and minds and that the voice of God becomes bigger, louder and more real than ever before...in us all...

If this post were a hashtag it would read #wearenotswayed #wedonotdrawback #relentlessfaith. Just sayin.

Excited about the future and this big life we live, 

Monday, May 19, 2014

MOTIVATE | Inspire Me DIY Challenge

Boy, are you guys in for a treat this week! 

I am SO excited. Why, you ask? 

Well, today is our kick off for the FIRST day of  the Inspire Me DIY Challenge where 12 other bloggers and I challenge and inspire all of you to pull out those project lists and chip away at all of those projects that you've put off for way too long! 

We want to inspire you to create the home, the space, the life you've imagined and challenge you to get started. 

We have some amazing bloggers participating and cannot wait for you to join us! 

If you're on INSTAGRAM, be sure to follow along by hashtagging #inspiremediy. And even better, if you are inspired to join in and begin some projects of your own, you can join in by hashtagging your projects the same-#inspiremediy. 

Here's a list of all the girls participating. On the left is the blogger's INSTAGRAM ID and on the left is a hyperlink for their blogs. Please take a minute to hop over to their blogs and follow and also follow on IG to see their fun sneak peeks during the week! 

Final reveals will be posted on each of our blogs and other social media on Monday, May 26th! 

Let's do this! 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

INSPIRE | I am not a Hustler.

I've been sitting on this one for a few days now.

I know, it goes against everything this culture tells us.

If you want a good job. Work for it.
If you want to be successful in life. Work for it.
If you want to have the best education. Work for it.
If you want the best of friends and get invited to the best of parties. Work for it.
And let's not even begin to talk about all the "pressure" that comes along with being a blogger. 

The only problem with "working for it" is that well, we are human. And in all of our humanness, as much effort as we put in, sometimes working for it just doesn't work.

Is there a time for work? Absolutely. In no way am I discounting integrity, service, or a strong work ethic but if WORK becomes your GOD. It's time to REST. Period.

Honestly, we're not just talking physical work here. We're talking an unrest in the soul that can cause deep feelings of anxiety and fear that present themselves as a result of just flat-out not trusting God.
{hand raised. hello.}

If you've been following along here or on Instagram, you know that my family and I are heading into a pretty interesting season in relation to our rental and moving into our next home. An adventure of sorts...

We have about 45 days {give or take} until we have to be outta this house and into a new one.

Did I mention that, at this point, we have absolutely NO IDEA where we are going?

Did I also mention that we've "hustled" and "worked" and "sacrificed" so much to stack away funds for our next new home?

Without getting into the nitty gritty details while still being as vulnerable as possible (in hope of setting some of you out there free as well), we've kinda come to a place where we're just ready to REST.

Have you been there?

Have you been in that place where you're so tired and feel so lost it's nearly suffocating? I have.

Have you felt so overwhelmed by worries, fears, doubts and stress that some days seem hopeless? Me too. 

To be honest, I was and am tired of living that way.
I will hustle...
I will strive...
I will work...no longer.

I am not a hustler. And neither are you.

Just let it sink in.

We live and move and have our being...IN HIM. {Acts 17:28}

We do not strive but have peace and take comfort in knowing that everything we need is found...IN HIM. {2 Peter 1:3}

I have absolutely no idea where we will be at the end of next month but what I do know is that He is for us. He loves us.
He wants to bless us.
He has always taken care of us and His plan for us is PERFECT.

So, can you say it with me?
"I am NOT a HUSTLER. I rest in the one who HOLDS MY LIFE in HIS HANDS."


Friday, May 9, 2014

London Recap & A Giveaway


Well, hello there friends! Are you still there? I sure hope so!

{DISCLAIMER: This post is FULL of pics and words but you'll want to read all the way to the end for a really "LOVEly" giveaway!}
As you know, some girlfriends and I traveled to London last week for the Hillsong Colour Conference 2014. We tacked on a few extra days to tour London and to have a bit of fun while in England.
God performed such a great work on my heart during the conference and our time there and confirmed some things that had been hanging in prayer. I will be sharing a lot of that in the next few months on the blog but wanted to take a minute to give you guys a peek into my time there and all the adventures we managed to squeeze into just a few short days.
We arrived in London on the afternoon of April 30 which gave us a day to roam and gather ourselves before the conference began on May 1st.
We managed to make it to our flat via the Heathrow Express and navigating the Tube (the local underground transportation system) in the midst of a strike.
We opted to stay in a flat just off of Oxford Street in Central London as opposed to a hotel near Wembley Arena which is where the conference was held.
By doing so, it would give us all an opportunity to venture out and explore the city even more.
If you've never heard of Hillsong or the Colour Conference, you can find out more here.
Words do not even begin to express how much of a life-changing experience this event is and I won't even begin to try to explain. Let's just say it's on my calendar for the next 10 years.
An arena full of women (8K to be exact) together for one purpose...to encounter Jesus.
To know Him more  and experience His love more than ever before.
We are talking women from around the globe. There were so many countries represented at this conference and it was just a breath of fresh air to see so many women, from so many different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life gather to be filled. It was truly an amazing sight to behold.
To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed by the vision cast by Bobbie Houston (co-founder of Hillsong Church) and her team. On this weekend, the heart of God had to be full just to see all of His girls there to spend time with Him.
I really don't want to miss any details here but our trip was so action packed and full, I am bound to miss something. I will attempt to highlight some of my favorite moments but I seriously recommend putting this conference on your calendar. The dates are already set for next year's gathering.
The first day truly set the tone for the next few days. I realized, once again, why I'd traveled so far for this.
I needed it. I needed to separate myself from the hum drum of everyday life and responsibilities to meet with Him.
I needed to know that He still loves me.
I needed to know that He still had a plan for me.
I needed to know that plan for me extended beyond the four walls of our home and beyond taking care of others' needs from day to day.
I needed to know that He still blows His breath into my dreams.
And that I am still alive.
I received all of that and more during this conference. It was seriously just what I needed when I needed it.
Along the way, we were able to make a lot of new friends and met up with some old ones who have moved for ministry as well.
Just a few of us world changers, Amy B. , Amy S. and I.
Me and my best bud, Amy.

Andrea and I.
She and her hubs moved their family from Seattle to Zoe Church in Bulgaria over a year ago for ministry.


Worship was always amazing.

This trip was so packed, I will do my best to share all of the highlights with you guys. We had SO much fun and I cannot wait for next year!

We had two extra days to loaf around and explore the city. Since our flat was located in Central London, we had a lot to check out. I would liken Oxford to Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Tons of shops and restaurants, big and small and really never a dull moment.
Central London is kind of the heartline of the city in my opinion.

We were total tourists the first day. We saw a ton in just a matter of a couple of hours.
We went from Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Buckingham and walked about like locals. It was amazing to be there with friends and have nothing but time on our hands.

Can you see the puffiness under our eyes?
We were so determined to suck every minute out of this trip though.

I feel like all we did was shop and eat the entire time. Well, I guess we kinda did that.
We decided on our last full day that we would take to walking the city as opposed to taking the Underground Tube. We were so happy that we did.
Our flat was located in the City of Westminster. London is segmented into burroughs similar to the way NYC and other larger cities in the US are laid out.
Our first stop on that day was a little place we spotted the night before after hours.
Isn't this place just amazing? And this is just the entrance.
I THOUGHT I was in LOVE then...

I'm still thinking of those galvanized tubs and how I can get them back home. I'm a sucker for just about anything galvanized or metal ESPECIALLY when they're from England.
Multiple levels of shopping here, folks. I didn't even get to it all because I got stuck in here...

This was the cutest little shop full of cards, paper, and novelties. I did purchase a few things here but they will be projects for our boys' room in our next home so I will have to share those later!
 We began our adventure in Westminster and landed in Knightsbridge. Along the way we walked through so many great neighborhoods and Hyde Park (similar to Central Park).

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day or more gorgeous weather. It was glorious!
Our final destination was Harrod's.
Can I just say that this place is amazing? Talk about a shopper's paradise. Wow.
I ventured here during last year's visit with family but didn't really get the full effect. This year, our time here was totally different and felt I was able to explore a bit more.
We decided to have lunch here in the market located inside.
Unfortunately, this is the day that I left my phone behind so not a ton of pics but this market puts most others in the WORLD to shame! Selections of all types of foods from all of the world here. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and a sweet little floral stand offers a few varieties of flowers not found in the States.
This is where I spotted the breathtaking vintage grey roses that I...yes...brought to take a chance on surviving our trip back home.
They, of course, didn't even survive our trek to the airport so I decided to dry them and give them to my mother-in-law who absolutely adores flowers and gardening.
As for places to eat, this place may have been my most fave. We dined at Central & Co. on our last night in the city.
Aside from the simplicity of this wonderful black and white logo sign, there was something else that caught my attention at this place.
Yep, more rusty goodness. The vintage outdoor seating alone called to me and intrigued my interest to see what this cute little place offered inside.
The food was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere was quite pleasing as well. Really wonderful restaurant located near Carnaby Street.
On the last day we had lunch before hopping the Tube to Heathrow.
Our flat was located just above a restaurant called Riding House located just off of Great Titchfield Street. The food there wasn't too shabby{it was actually ridiculously amazing} and once again the styling and design was top notch. Seemed to be a theme with vintage d├ęcor wherever we went.
If you're headed to London in the near future I hope you'll visit some of the places I've mentioned. They truly made our experience in London Town extraordinary.
And no good trip would be complete without souvenirs, right?
The COLOUR CONFERENCE theme for this year was LOVE.
In light of that and in the spirit of giving...I'd like to bless one of you beauties out there with a lovely souvenir from our trip and the conference.
There were so many goodies to choose from and I picked up a few great items for myself, friends, family and of course...you!
Just leave a comment below and for an extra entry, follow me on INSTAGRAM and tag a friend as well!
 Love to you all and Happy Mother's Day!
I'll be announcing the winner of this giveaway over here on the blog next week!